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Album Review: Beach Fossils- Clash the Truth


The remaining members of Brooklyn based dream-pop band Beach Fossils are doing just fine without John Peña. While he was out recording under Heavenly Beat, they were too busy making them. February 19, 2013, lead singer/visionary Dustin Payseur and his band-mates will finally be able to showcase their Peña free, yet electrically utopian sophomore LP Clash the Truth.
“Life can be so vicious and we can’t even appreciate its purities,” sang Payseur in “Clash the Truth,” the anxious cymbalized track that began their album’s 14 track adventure.

Unlike their previous LP What A Pleasure, in which most songs contained a hazy, lead bluegrass element, this time around explosive drums, distant voices and steady guitar melodies were in order to Clash the Truth, like those heard in their debut track “Careless.”
Their label name signifies their signature sound, as they seem to have a knack for capturing tracks while making the smoggy Brooklyn air sound like a somber waterfall like in “Sleep Apnea.”
“I’m staring at the sky, but I can’t tell which way my thoughts are traveling, sang Payseur on the mellow track that’s minor guitar strings and constrained monotone somewhat channel Coldplay circa 1999.
On a brighter note, the LP evokes a collision of sun shining optimism hidden behind foggy grey clouds. They do an excellent job of incorporating a rainbow of drum, bass, vocals and that signature shoegaze guitar reverberation in “In Vertigo” featuring Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino. In other shoegaze styled tracks like “Birthday,” the band integrated a cheerful guitar solo strumming out a tune that sounded ever so familiar to Captured Track label mate Wild Nothing’s 2010 “O Lilac.”

In terms of length, the average track from Clash the Truth is about 3 minutes, which is a tad disappointing. The second album is supposed to demonstrate an inclination from the first and when you compose such melodic, catchy tunes, it is a letdown when they end so abruptly. Miniature instrumentals such as “Ascension” are beautiful additions to the album on their own, but a little Payseur lyrics wouldn’t hurt them.
No Peña this time around, but Payseur and the gang may have a classic on their hands. The upbeat tracks “Crashed Out” and “Shallow” have an addictive nature to them, so contagious that you may not be human if you can’t feel the adrenaline once the pulsating drums kick in. The rush you’ll get from some of the more lively tracks on the LP, definitely make up for those that may not be a favorite.
Next time I visit the Coney Island Beach, I must thank them for their remaining Fossils, not seashells, but the musically inclined band with their sophomore album due for release on February 19. What a Pleasure!


Aaliyah’s spirit lingers in music as artists revive her legacy

[Photo: Courtesy of Photographer Jeff Dunas Tumblr. Photo of Aaliyah during one of her very last photoshoots.]

August 25, 2001 marked the day Aaliyah Dana Haughton, the blooming Underdog of 90’s R&B’s life came to a dying halt. Career wise, the songstress lived on via her last LP self titled LP Aaliyah and still continues to blossom vicariously through the work of the many musicians who were inspired by her “street, but sweet” musical style.

This Wednesday, January 16 marks the day Aaliyah would’ve turned 24 years old, in honor of that fans should rejoice to remember her on this day as well as the impact she has made in the music industry- which is something worth acknowledging.

Aaliyah has made her mark, literally, on artists ranging from Drake to Young Berg, who were so moved by her work that they tattooed their bodies with artwork of her face. Those who chose not to take such a drastic route of paying homage, sampled work from the late R&B angel. Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay-Z, Girl Talk, The xx, The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar etc. are some of the many who have been so inspired by hits from the 90’s princess, they expressed it by releasing songs that emphasized that her spirit still lingers in music.

[Photo: Courtesy of Aaliyah’s official website.]

We can’t give her all of the credit here, Timbaland and Missy Elliott, popular producers who worked exclusively with the singer on most of her singles have put in work as well to assure that the singer’s signature sound will never forgotten.

[Photo: Courtesy of ShowTimeSays. Photo of Missy Elliott and Aaliyah.]

Have a listen to the playlist I created filled with nothing but songs that were developed from the basis of Aaliyah’s delicate pop soprano, street moda, all wrapped up in a bow that can be categorized as the revival of her existence.  Be patient as this 60 minutes and 11 second soundcloud playlist will allow you to explore the kaleidoscope of all things Aaliyah; touched by many genres, heard by many ears, in loving memory of Ms. Haughton.

‘What We Love’ about Teen Daze



[Photo: Courtesy of IMFMag. Photo of Teen Daze mastermind.]

Have you ever heard of the Vancouver musical mastermind Teen Daze? Do you have Tumblr account? Well, way before his genius was put on the map, this producer was known as Jamison and the social network scene was how he got his start. Some people #RP for fun, some do it to gain popularity on online networks like these, while others aren’t playing around and hope with every repost, they gain a loyal fan.

What we love about Teen Daze is not only his use of online networking, but his ability to mix electronic funk, zesty drums, smooth, dreamy synths and everything else that’s sure to make you move.

Don’t believe me? Have a listen to Teen Daze’s “What We Love.”