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Cat Power – Ruin


I love Cat Power! Great stuff! Check out this article from Le Rez-de Chaussee.

Le Rez-de-Chaussée

So apparently Cat Power’s new release “Sun” was the first original release put out by Chan Marshall in the past 6 years and it is truly original. She performed and produced the entire album herself. Also, considering she started her professional musical career before I was in Kindergarten, she looks damn good. I’m a really big fan of this single from “Sun.” The bass line, drum, and piano parts are playful and make this track very light and keep the pace nice and fast. Chan’s vocals are also really light and she keeps it interesting with her vocal harmonies and dissonance. Keep an eye out for her as she will continue to make waves in the indie scene.

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Coach Bombay’s “Love” is happiness in a speaker


“The goal is to make you happy. The medium is electronic pop music. The method involves catchy hooks, colourful melodies & perfectionism. The delivery involves bright synths, juicy beats & a dozen vocal layers. The inspiration is sunshine, aesthetics, happiness & love. The message is positive. The outcome is in your ears, if you’ll lend them to me.”

Terry Mann’s quote was taken from his Triple Jun Earthed profile in reference to the mission of his music. Haven’t heard of Mann’s experiment Coach Bombay? Take a listen to the single “Love” ft. Elle Varner.

Ellie Goulding sophomore album “Halcyon” released in the USA


Today on October 9, 2012, Ellie Goulding’s sophomore album “Halcyon” was released in the United States. Ellie has been promoting her new album with new single “Anything Could Happen.” Watch the video below.

Ellie Goulding is featured in the new Beats by Dre commercial performing her newly released song “Anything Could Happen,” while promoting Beats by Dre headphones that now come in a variety of colors.

Haven’t purchased the new Ellie Goulding? By clicking on the link below, you can purchase it at

Gypsy and the Cat release new single as a free download


Aussie band Gypsy and the Cat, consisting of former DJ’s Xavier Bagash and Lionel Towers are preparing for the October 19, Australian release of their sophomore album The Late Blue. Never heard of the band? They are scheduled to debut in the United States with the album by 2013. Have a listen on the band’s official website, if you really like it enter a valid email for a free download. The single will be available on their website throughout the week of October 2.

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